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What is Points?

You can get points by shopping at Florynight, sharing items on social networks and reviewing the items after purchase. 100 points can be used as 1 US dollars for your next order.

How to get Points?

  • 1、Everytime you shop at Florynight, you will get points once order shipped.1 point is equiavlent to 1 US Dollar spent (excluding shipping cost).

  • 2、Get 30 Points by writing a review after the purchase and upload images for 10% off coupon.

How to use Points?

  • 1、You can apply points on your shopping CART or CHECKOUT page. 1 point can be used as  0.01 US dollars. Only 70% of the order amount can be paid with points (exclude shipping cost). 

  • 2、If the order is canceled, points used will be refunded back to the your account.
  • 3、Points will not be refunded on order returns.

Terms of Use:

  • 1、Points are subject to the discounted order amount. No points for the part that has already been redeemed with points.
  • 2、Any canceled orders will not get Points Rewarded.
  • 3、If you pay with currencies other than US dollars, the points will depend on the order amount that converted to US dollars.
  • 4、Points will be given to previous orders.


Florynight reserves the right of final explanation for this Program. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.


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